My name is Robert Nyberg and I am a Swedish online savvy dude. I have a passion for my family, Internet, business and sports. I am a business owner and i help companies with online branding.

Robert Nyberg

My experience and journey

Robert Nyberg started to work with Search engine marketing and search engine optimization in Sweden 2001. I have worked with many different clients and SEO projects throughout the years.

I am currently a business owner in my own consultant firm SearchManager Media, where i work with search and social media strategies for brands. I am also a co-founder of the startup iGoMoon together with Mattias Grönborg and Jonas Möller.

My mission is to help clients understand their need of search and social and why it is a vital task for every brand.

Robert and Ludwig

Me and my son who is already an talented artist!:)

Some of my lectures on SEO

Searchmarketing Expo Stockholm
A conference where both marketers and SEO-gurus can grow and learn from each other and global experts.

Media Institute conducts since 2002 a number of lectures for Higher education in media and communication in Sweden(YH).

For over 15 years Hyper Island has been designing learning experiences for students and industry professionals alike.

Joomla association Sweden
The association for Joomla in Sweden.

Wednesday relations
Wednesday Relations is a free of charge network for people within Marketing, Sales, Online business, Social media and Customer Service. There is over 11 800 members (+ 100 / week) and the majority are decision makers.

More about me

I had the pleasure to be part of an interview about my background in SEO for the site sökmotoroptimering24.se (Swedish).

Robert works mainly with SEO and you’ll find him easiest on searchmanager.se(Swedish) and robertnyberg.com(English). 

He is one of those people who have a long experience of SEO in Sweden and he has been in business for over 11 years. In this interview you get to know Robert a little better and know more about who he is and what he does. 

What started your interest in search engine optimization?
I started out with SEO as a sales rep back in 2001 and from being merely a product, it became a great passion :).

What is your background like? Technical interest?
I started as I said, as a sales rep in 2001 and actually got a call about employment, while the second plane crashed into the second twin tower. It’s something i always will remember. My background is from sales, customer service and project management.

I have learned the technical part of SEO,  and I feel that I’m constantly learning new things. One of my greater experience was working with a developing team for a startup company in Sri Lanka,  E-commerce manager, and also as a owner and operator of an gambling site.

 What is your SEO principle?
SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

 What are you most known for?
Maybe that i am a hardcore fan of the club Djurgården? 🙂 I do not know, there are some who know that I have extensive experience in SEO.

How do you do to keep you up to date with SEO and Google?
blogs, forums, and conversations in social networks. It is also important to test things in this business.

What are your daily routine?
I usually begin to look at my favorite sites Search Engine land and Search Engine Watch, twitter and the G + stream about different topics. There are also various analyzes of keywords, website structure, content, social and links. Strategies and sales are also things that are dear to my heart.

Tips for beginners in SEO
What should they focus on in the beginning?

Learn the basics and understand the different parts. Start your own site and / or start working with customers to understand how everything works. Create accounts on various SEO forums and bookmarks for important sites.

What is your favorite SEO tool and why?
I have two favorite tools and one is SEOMoz because it is simple and a complete tool in my view, SearchMetrics is another tool that I like. I am also looking into SEOlytics which has some great features.

 If you could create your own seotool, what would that be?
I’ve actually thought about this for a long time and I feel like I have tested most of the SEO tools over the years. Who wants to develop it with me :).

Who do you think is a good role model or a source of knowledge, when it comes to SEO ?
Rand Fishkin, no doubt, and lately it’s @ bill_slawski who is a talented guy who writes a lot about Google’s various patents and how it might affect SEO. In Sweden I like Sara Andersson at Search Integration. There are many talented people in Sweden and world-wide, and they all contribute in their own way.

 What are your personal goals in 2012?
I am a partner in the startup firm iGoMoon and it will focus on that project and continue to build my personal brand.

What do you think the future holds for SEO? How do you think Google will evolve in the near future?
SEO is changing, but SEO is not dead, and SEO will continue to be the backbone for websites. The world’s largest search engine adds more and more focus on their own social networking Google + , and for me it would be strange if not social signals would be a strong ranking factor in the future. It’s just a matter of time. It is increasingly important to focus on quality vs. quantity .

What do you do in your spare time?
I spend time with my family, read books, play soccer and cheer for Djurgården!

5 questions:

Google or Bing?
Answer: Google

Mac or PC?
Answer: Mac

Which keyword do you want to rank as number 1 on Google.com?
Answer: Searchmanager.

Do you use some other search engine besides Google?
Answer: I also like and use Blekko. Power to the haschtags:).

Do you focus on Onpage or Offpage?
Answer: First Onpage, then it´s Offpage.

You are welcome to contact me ! 

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.