From math failure to entrepreneur

I am  turning 40 years old, and it has made me think of  the ups and downs in my life. Growing up in the southern outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden, I must say, my parentes gave me the best upbringing that they were able to provide for me. My parentes worked as a carpenter and as […]

The potential influence of auhtorrank

Authorrank is like PageRank for pages with the significant difference that this algorithm ranks pages based on the author who wrote the content. I believe that Google will expand this algorithm in 2013 and you need to embrace it for you brand. What is Authorrank? Authorrank is an algorithm that Google uses to present search results […]

Interview with Bill Ross from LinchpinSEO

I like to connect with SEO peers all over the world, and there is no better way of doing this via social networks. I recently connected with Bill Ross on twitter and this is a interview about his view on the future of SEO. Can you tell us about your background? My journey started at […]

Interview with Rina Patel Yahoo!

Yahoo! is a company that has been going through alot of things the past years and they are still struggling with their business model. Yahoo! has hired a new CEO and former Googler Marissa Mayer and business analysts believes she can turn the company back on track. I had the pleasure to attend an event in Stockholm with Rina Patel […]

Work with an SEO scorecard

There are several things to consider when it comes to an SEO audit.I have been working with different ways to keep track of  tasks for the audit. I prefer to work with an SEO scorecard and I also use Google Drive to keep it agile between different project members.Depending on the client and organisation,table of […]

Happy birthday in the serps

When you want to know, when your friends is celebrating their birthday, Facebook is the place to keep track of this. But now, it looks like Google+ is testing to show birthdays in the serps. I did a search for Innovation management and this Google+ profile popped up from my circles.  I don´t know if […]

5 tips from an Google+ authority

This is an interview with verified Google+ Evangelist Jaana Nyström and she is one of the top experienced users in the Google+ community. Jaana is a Google+ helper & volunteer, entrepreneur, and community manager. In this post she gives you her experience, on how to succeed with Google+ as your community. Why do you use Google? I joined […]

Socks and links from one of the most trusted authority on the web

Everyone that works with organic search knows that links is a vital part of your search strategy. In some cases you work with a site that already has got a link profile, and it only needs a bit of work with the purpose to get more value from the current links. Or you need to build […]

Book review-Marketing in the age of Google

I like to use Socialcam and this shoot is a quick book review abou the book Marketing in the age of Google by Vannessa Fox. Your online strategy is your business strategy I like this sentence because it is exactly what this book is all about and Vanessa Fox Vaness describes it at a level so that everyone […]

Tweak and setup WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO is a very complete and great tool to use for SEO, if you are tweaking websites in WordPress. One thing to be aware of is that this plugin conflicts with other plugins for different reasons. If issues occur Unistall the latest plugin you installed. If not the first option worked, uninstall all your […]