Book review-Marketing in the age of Google

I like to use Socialcam and this shoot is a quick book review abou the book Marketing in the age of Google by Vannessa Fox.

Your online strategy is your business strategy

I like this sentence because it is exactly what this book is all about and Vanessa Fox Vaness describes it at a level so that everyone understands how search works.

This book is for anyone who wants to understand organic search(SEO) and why it is still a vital task for every business organisation and how your company can develop your own SEO strategy. Search has changed marketing and will continue to do so with new search interfaces such as social, mobil, images and voice.

Potential customers will continue to research company and product information online, will expect to find customer support there, and will increase their online purchasing.

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thanks robert for a great resource help so many of us want to learn organic searches ..just placing links in a subtle direction never works