From math failure to entrepreneur

I am  turning 40 years old, and it has made me think of  the ups and downs in my life. Growing up in the southern outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden, I must say, my parentes gave me the best upbringing that they were able to provide for me. My parentes worked as a carpenter and as […]

Interview with Rina Patel Yahoo!

Yahoo! is a company that has been going through alot of things the past years and they are still struggling with their business model. Yahoo! has hired a new CEO and former Googler Marissa Mayer and business analysts believes she can turn the company back on track. I had the pleasure to attend an event in Stockholm with Rina Patel […]

5 tips from an Google+ authority

This is an interview with verified Google+ Evangelist Jaana Nyström and she is one of the top experienced users in the Google+ community. Jaana is a Google+ helper & volunteer, entrepreneur, and community manager. In this post she gives you her experience, on how to succeed with Google+ as your community. Why do you use Google? I joined […]

For those who come from nothing

Today i have visited the store Hollywood in Stockholm , which i would describe as a wicked clothing store . After a while this jacket from Dirty Ghetto Kids got my attention. I have seen this brand before, and i think it’s eye-catching. I have found a new and jazzy brand to put in my closet. Dirty Ghetto Kids […]