From math failure to entrepreneur

I am  turning 40 years old, and it has made me think of  the ups and downs in my life. Growing up in the southern outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden, I must say, my parentes gave me the best upbringing that they were able to provide for me. My parentes worked as a carpenter and as a nurse, which ment that they were not rich, but noot poor.

Your typical middle class family 

A typical suburbian family in Sweden, working hard from 7-17. Although, my mother always worked extra, throghout her working days, to provide me with that little extra. Thanks mum, You are number 1, always has been, and always will be. My dad died at the age of 65, when he was about to become a senior citizen.

Life is not fair, and the death of my dad ,made think of life and that life is short, and you will never know what the future has in store for you. But, from that year of 1998, I started to think of what i wanted of my life, and i am not there yet. But i am on the right path now, and i am not backing down.

Not a hood but still a suburb

Älta is located in Nacka, a community with about 10, 000 citiziens ( 2010 ). Älta is not a bad ass hood, but growing up in my teens, we hade our beefs and you could get hurt . Within Nacka we have different communitites like Orminge, Jarlaberg, Skuru, and Ekliden, and there were always some beef during this years, almost always related to girls:).

I had a lot of friends throughout Stocholm city, and I spent most of my weekends playing soccer, chased girls or just hanged out in Älta. 95% of my younger days I remember as joyful.

älta if

Math failure

I flunked in math at a early age in elementary school.  My school at the time, did not provide me with the support that was necessary. They finally did, but not until the fourth grade, all to late and I was lacking of all the basic math skills, when I started high school.

I flunked hard in college, and I  remember my teacher always told me, that it will be hard to make it in life, without math. Education is important, but you can still make it. In my opinion your college degree, is just a piece of paper with numbers, It is up to you to decide your path in life. I did, and I have “survived” without a degree in math.

Working for web entrepreneurs

I have spent most of my working days working for web entreprenurs and startups, and in particular with SEO. I actually got my first employment back in 2001, and I received a phone call at the same time as the second plane hit the building ( 9/11). We all remembered what we did that day, and it was my first steps working for an SEO startup .


Family first

I have been blessed with two beautiful children, and they are the most important things in my life . They are one of the reasons why i am pursuing my  startup dream.

Ludwig-Livia Nyberg

Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia

I am proud to be a 08 (local number prefix) as people outside of Stockholm calls us fron the capital of Sweden. Stockholm is in my heart, as well as Djurgården IF, the proud of Stockholm, when it comes to soccer and ice hockey. You will always find me tweeting about Djurgården ( in Swedish) and how they are performing. Thats why I also have launched the company Footballfocus, focused in selling tickets to Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue1.

Djurgården fotboll

About Robert Nyberg

Robert Nyberg has since 2001 been working with search engines and SEO as a marketing channel for different companies and organizations in northern europe and internationally. Contact Robert Nyberg to learn more about strategies and sales for your online brand. Follow me Robert Nyberg G +.