Don´t think you can ignore Google+

There have been several articles claiming that Google+ is a ghost town and Google  has not yet succeeded with its social network, but it is not by far a ghost town. Don´t neglect Google+  and don´t forget that it is Google with its powerful infrastructure. Remember Linkedin and then came Google+. Google+ is not a […]

For those who come from nothing

Today i have visited the store Hollywood in Stockholm , which i would describe as a wicked clothing store . After a while this jacket from Dirty Ghetto Kids got my attention. I have seen this brand before, and i think it’s eye-catching. I have found a new and jazzy brand to put in my closet. Dirty Ghetto Kids […]

The Evolution of SEO

SEO is dead within in two years, is the latest article about the death of the infamous guy called SEO. And once again another article about the death of SEO, creates a massive buzz and debate in the web atmosphere. I love SEO and SEO is not dying, it is just the evolution of SEO. Don´t always […]

Online branding strategies

Whatever you do online for yourself or as a company, you are building your brand. You need to pay close attention to where and what your audience are doing online, and how they perceive you as a company. It´s all about building an entity that creates customers who acts like ambassadors for your brand, and keep coming back […]