Socks and links from one of the most trusted authority on the web

Everyone that works with organic search knows that links is a vital part of your search strategy. In some cases you work with a site that already has got a link profile, and it only needs a bit of work with the purpose to get more value from the current links. Or you need to build a link profile from scratch.

Both solutions demands proper analyzing, strategy and hardwork.

Happy socks  product

Socks and the force of PR and search

Happy socks is a Swedish brand selling colorful socks in different flavors of choice. There is no doubt that this Swedish company has succeed, when it comes to online branding and links from very trusted sources.

If we look at the link profile of Happy Socks, it is quite obvious that they have a lot of links from sources such as fashion blogs and newspapers. They should do something about dead links.

Links by type


Anchor Text

Happy Socks mainly have anchor texts for their brand, which is a good thing these days. They could work more on a keyword like socks, if that keyword is converting.

Links by anchor text

You might call it a link orgasm.

But, they have something that many sites do not have. A powerful link from The New York times. And this impressive link value have been accomplished by an effective PR and online brand strategy from Happy Socks.

This is a link that only can be achieved with the hardwork of traditional and online PR.

If someone tells you they can “get” you a link on The New York Times, you need to be aware of the BS.

THe New York Times

PR agenicies need to realize the power behind their work and the effect, it can have on organic search.

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