The potential influence of auhtorrank

Authorrank is like PageRank for pages with the significant difference that this algorithm ranks pages based on the author who wrote the content. I believe that Google will expand this algorithm in 2013 and you need to embrace it for you brand.

What is Authorrank?

Authorrank is an algorithm that Google uses to present search results by authors. The algorithm generates a score for you as a author in a particular topic and there are several parameters which affect your ranking for all the content you publish. It’s not entirely clear what it is that determines authorrank.

It is probably different points on how much engagement that is created around your content and who it is that shares your content.


If I am the author and I a write a post about SEO, and Rand Fishkin shares that post , it means a score for that topic. Authorrank or agent rank is a patent that Google applied for several years ago, and its a way to identify quality content and digital footprints. The big question is when Google will implement it fully as a ranking factor.

Branding and Authorrank

Google identifies all the content that you publish online and they want to connect it with your Google+ profile. The purpose is to show search results with relevant content for the users in the circles you’ve added in Google+.

Credibility in the SERP

  • You are searching for something.
  • You and I have added each other on Google+.
  • Google shows a link to the post that I have written.
  • You can also see a photo of me and you know I’m the author.

Google expect that you trust me and you think I’m a authority for this topic, and it is therefore more likely that you will click on my link. It’s a new way to present search results that brands, journalists and PR companies should take into their agenda. Many of the search results today ranks high in Google based on authorrank.

What factors might affect Authorrank?

  • The average pagerank for an author’s content.
  • The average +1.
  • The average number of shares.
  • The number of Google+ circles that have added the author.
  • Social connections with other influencial authors.
  • The number of authority sites or blogs that have published content from a author.
  • Activity on your Google+ profile (ie, posts to Google+).
  • Comments on the content of the author and users.

How to setup authorrank

The easiest way is to add a link to your Google+ profile in the author bio of your blog, and a link to your blog from your Google+ profile.

author bio robert nyberg

You can verify your account in several ways.

Rich snippet Testing Tool

Verify that you have entered it correctly via rich snippet testing tool.

rich snippet

An experimental stage

Google can not guarantee that your profile photo will appear on each blog post and it may take a few weeks before it works. Authorrank is still at an early experimental stage and we’ll see how it develops.

All the content that is created through Google’s services may affect how Google will rank your content.

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