Tweak and setup WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO is a very complete and great tool to use for SEO, if you are tweaking websites in WordPress. One thing to be aware of is that this plugin conflicts with other plugins for different reasons.

If issues occur

  1. Unistall the latest plugin you installed.
  2. If not the first option worked, uninstall all your plugins one by one.
  3. If none of the solutions above works, check out the support forum for WordPress SEO.


This is the settings that i am working with right now, and you should always think of how to set up WordPress SEO, for your own site structure. Be sure to read the help section and to setup up the variables for post types and taxonomies.

These variable are setup as templates, when you are not defining your own meta titles or description for pages or posts.

Dashboard WordPress SEO

Via the dashboard it is possible to add your verification code for Webmasters Tools, Bing webmasters Tools and Alexa. Instead of installing plugins separately or add meta tags to your header.

You should only allow authors to edit the advanced settings, if they know what they are doing.

Webmaster tools
Verification from

The search engines require verification for your site.

Example of verification code (Google webmaster tools).
meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”4J3iZSr36UHJRkiPU0NpzhV0mwdjtNNu23ZvqfmpnrU” />

Title settings

 General WordPress SEO


Force rewrite rule
It is possible to ‘force rewrite titles’ in your WordPress theme. This is done to avoid duplicate titles.

Noindex subpages of archives
There is a default setting for pagination. But you can check this box, if you don´t want the pagination of pages to show in the search result.

Use meta keywords tag
Google don´t care about meta keywords. Check this box.

Add noodp meta tags robots tag sitewide
If you do not add your own description tags Google may use the dmoz (open directory project). Check this box.

Add noydir meta tags robot tag sitewide
If you do not add your own description tags Google may use the Yahoo! directory tag. Check this box.

Clean up the head
Check these boxes if you are not using any third-party WYSIWYG tool. This will clean up your header from unnecessary code.


Home WordPress SEO


Choose a template for the title and description tags for your homepage.

Author metadata
Author meta WordPress SEO

From here you can set the rel=”author” and connect it with your Google+ profile for author visibility in the search engine result pages. You can also add the link to your Google+ publisher page.

Post types

post types WordPress SEO
With posts types  you can edit title and meta description of posts, pages and uploaded Media (images and video) if you don´t want search engine to index your content, you can check the ‘noindex, follow’ tag.

Date in snippet preview
I usually check for dates when I search on Google for fresh content and Google has also released the “freshness” update algorithm for more recent search results.

For these reasons I believe it’s a good thing to check this box.

There are several variables you can use as default as seen in the screenshot. I suggest that you only edit variables if you know how to set it up. You can view different types of variables under Help. If you are knew to this you should probably leave it as it is by default. Be sure to check so that the template actually works and you’re not getting duplicate title or description tags.

WordPress SEO Meta Box
Wordpress SEO meta box


There are many great features with this plugin and one of the best ones is the snippet preview. This means that you could set templates for all pages and posts or you can manually edit titles and descriptions via the SEO Meta Box.


Taxonomies WordPress SEO


You can edit settings for taxonomies like category and tags. If you use categories as the way you structure your site, in my opion, you should check noindex follow for tags. Search Engines will still crawl these pages and follow all links. But they will not index these pages. This will prevent duplicate content issues.


other WordPress SEO

I have disabled the author and date-based archives, due to a duplicate content issue.

XML sitemap

WordPress SEO automatically generates a sitemap and it’s usually much quicker and better than the WordPress sitemap plugins.

It’s also being smart about splitting those sitemaps up into smaller bits, so Google only has to fetch one new XML sub-sitemap Joost De Valk.

social WordPress SEO


This feature will let you add Facebook OpenGraph meta data to your site’s head section. It will also provide you with Facebook insights.

Breadcrumb settings

Breadcrumb settings Worpdress SEO

It is possible to set your breadcrumbs for your post page.

Permalink settings

Permalink settings WordPress SEO

This is the feature where you can edit your permalink settings, and it´s a good thing to check the box to strip the category base from the category url (clean serp friendly urls). Images always have their own URL in the database, and by checking this box it will attach the image to your post (a great thing if someone links to your post image).

Content of your RSS feed

content of your rss feed WordPress SEO

The purpose with this feature is to make it easy for the search engines to identify your posts as the original source of content, and add links back to your site, when scrapers steal your content.

If you don´t want links from low quality sites, it could be a good thing to remove %%BLOGLINK%% from the field.


import WordPress SEO 

Use these settings to import from a plugin like All-one-SEO. But make sure you verify that all data is imported correctly.

 .htaccess file

htaccess WordPress SEO

From this view, you can edit your. htacess file. Make sure you only edit these files, if you know what are you doing.

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