Work with an SEO scorecard

There are several things to consider when it comes to an SEO audit.I have been working with different ways to keep track of  tasks for the audit.

I prefer to work with an SEO scorecard and I also use Google Drive to keep it agile between different project members.Depending on the client and organisation,table of contents can change for the SEO scorecard.

But it keep it simple and choose four or five pages as templates.

SEO Audit Scorecard

Keep your SEO scorecard agile

Google Drive is an excellent way of sharing documents between team members.

You should think of an easy way to setup the document:

  • Easy structure with different categories.
  • Use colours to separate different tasks.
  • Share and be agile.

Google drive SEO projects

How do you work with an SEO project?

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thanks robert for marking a exact chart about onsite importance as so many SEO freaks do not pay any attention  towards onsite and get the site drag into disaster as a good onsite got always praise by google